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About Doomsday

In the year 2020, Scientists discover an asteroid the size of Norway on a collision course with Earth. In the year 2022 a delegation arrived from the planet Xtosven many thousands of light years away from the Earth. The plight of the Earth for the last few years has been known to the Xtosvenites and they have offered to let one colony inhabit a small region of Xtosven. The first nation on Earth to launch a space shuttle that would reach the outer system of the solar system, would be worthy. Earth has been thrown into chaos. Nations have risen and fallen in the matter of months. Earth is now a battlefield and it is up to you to Escape from Doomsday.

Game Style

Doomsday is a text UI move point based strategy game. The goal is to build up your nation to the point that it is able to research the appropriate technlogy and Escape from Doomsday. Time to execute commands is allocated in Move points which are issued in bulk every 2 hours. A game of Doomsday can take several weeks but should only require a small amount of your time per day due to the sparse allocation of movement points.


Doomsday was originally an IRC game played on undernet in the 90's. Erik (strtok) used to tell tales of this game to us as we played another IRC game, Conquest. Eventually Erik found the original author who gave him the game however it was broken and not able to compile in modern environments.

Erik then tried to recreate it in C++ (2002). This did not work out well and it appeared Doomsday had met its end. Finally Erik started fresh in Perl (2003) and we had a playable game in record time. Eventually Erik became moody because he tends to get that way and cancelled the game forever. After about a year of relentless pestering I (CrazySpence) was given the Perl game (2004) and allowed to continue it until this day.