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- Fixed bug where objects in space that travel further than 50 AU do not disappear out of range.

- Added endgame code (deletion of all players) if a shuttle > 50 AU
- Added antibully code
- Made production units more powerful and raised production costs across board
- Raised research costs across board

- Passwords are now MD5
- Added NEWPASS command

- Added MSG command
- Added SAY command
- MP cap of 75 now works
- 3 MP / ten minuate are given, anything leftover is added to a bank
  and given out 1 per ten minute

-Added SPY unit type and prelim SPY command
-Removed troop type, troops are now ground units.
-Added TRAIN = true/false enum to unittype table. Units with train=true
 are now trainable from farmers.

-Added initial terrorist generating code

-Added population limiting code. Population now balances
 at 1 acre per 1 HUMAN UNIT (farmers, troops, workers).

-Added ETA in report research

-Fixed ETA rounding. It shows the correct ETA now

- Game now under CrazySpence control! muwahahahaaaa
- Fixed a few bugs revolving around MP bank, list
- Added AI player ability, these players grow, research, train units like a  player....sort of. AI Hard has the ability to win the game if left un checked
- Report Market added, the market is where units can be bought and sold

- wrote a new that was client/server based
- wrote simple protocol for game to clients in form of:
- From server: PLAYER <playername> data
               GLOBAL <worldmessage>
- To server: DATA <playername> <commands or stuff>
             CLIENT <Client to Server command>
- Web client written in PHP
- Telnet client written in PERL
- IRC clients brought back to life from old main line
- Fixed 4 year old bug in newpass command that allowed null passwords, oops!

-Commodities added to game which can affect affect production and taxes
-Auto market added where market is populated based on global production

- Added HallOfFame now when you win you you will be remembered forever and how many hk's it took you to get there
- Corrected endgame bug that left the market filled with goodies for the next game

DDAY =>motd
DDAY => New in 1.2.4:
DDAY => Launch command revised:
DDAY => launch all: launches 1 missile per shuttle as long as inventory and MP allow it
DDAY => launch starwars missile: with no ID this will now target the furthest shuttle
DDAY => motd command: this message is displayed by it
DDAY => list command bug fixes: for 5 years the sorting has been buggy hopefully it is now corrected
DDAY => Market bug fix: Selling trained units and using the market as storage is no longer possible

- Items have a minimum Sell price now, the lowest is half of whatever the auto market sells for. Example: Jeeps sell for 1000, you can sell them as low as 500
- If you are evil, you die. any favour less than -98.9 the next housekeeping you will be killed. Don't be evil.

DDAY => New in 1.2.5:
DDAY => New unit..what could it be...what does it do?
DDAY => New bomb functionality BOMB <player> <building id> 
DDAY => Retaliation! get those small fries picking away at you!
DDAY => ADVISE command shows if you can retaliate
DDAY => REPORT WINNERS see who's in the hall of fame!

New in 1.2.6:

-Airstrikes now bound to a 15 second delay just like ground attacks
-To use the bomb command a player must now have an airfield
-Destruction of factories from an Airstrike causes casualties which are logged under the defense category
-Bombing with a Recon spy and Bomb ID yields a 20% higher chance of strike that a regular bomb command
-Recon Spies send reports via ingame mail
-Recon Spies no longer return every HK but remain inside the enemy nation until discovered or recalled.
-Recon Spies that are not discovered send a new report every housekeeping via in game mail
-Added recall command which recalls the Recon spy home.
-Fixed a bug with disband that allowed you to disband your Recon spy but still receive reports
-Recon command uses 10MP Recall uses 15 so a recon and recall equal the same mp as an attack
-Moved retaliation from the housekeeping loop to the 10 minute loop to still allow the intended feature of defending your much larger nation against greedy smaller ones picking away at you but reducing the time in which you can seek that revenge. Before if a small player attacked 3 times it took 3 hks for all 3 revenge attacks to expire now it will take 30 minutes. This allows larger players to still get revenge when active but not for nearly a third of a day which was incredibly unbalanced.
-Random housekeeping events that may benefit or punish you
-Random Explore events that may benefit or punish you
-Added command to refresh the events list so it can be updated during game
-Added command to set the game to shut down after completion for when maintenance or upgrades are waiting

A new round of Doomsday has begun with the launch of new version 1.3


-Static accounts: your account remains after death and between rounds
-New time based game: An asteroid will hit the Earth at a specified date regardless if someone has won or not which will increase pressure on the players to advance the game
-Shuttle limitation: No more spamming shuttles, should lead to an interesting end game
-New research item: A new research item has been added to improve your nations efficiency...find it and gain the advantage
-More random events! The random event list has gone from 8 to 18 this round
-E-mail notifications: with the new setemail command you can add an e-mail address to your player which will be notified whenever you are attacked or bombed

New in Doomsday 1.4:
Fixed Bugs:
-Fixed long standing issue with the telnet server which would cause it to eventually refuse new connections
-If debug mode is disabled, irc,telnet and the game server no longer continue to write to stdout
New Features:
-Moved Doomsday Configuration into database
-Created Gameplay achievements, 20 in total that the player can collect as they progress through the game
-New Doomsday Website with User profiles, Custom theming and Integrated client
-Session log for web client so that you can see your command history and incoming globals during a session
-Server side session timeout, If session goes stale for over an hour it is removed
-Player statistics are recorded in database now for Troops killed and lost, shuttles launched and shot down and for the amount of game wins
-New Web client Quick Commands sidebar for an easy click to common commands. Can be edited by User
-Clear log link which clears the web clients backlog if you find Doomsday is running too far off the screen
-Added catchalls for existing users to ensure their user database information is updated to new version when they re activate
-Statistics page added to new website which shows various global game stats
-Adjusted endgame() to handle session removal and also to preserve the global log instead of deleting it
-Changed log command behavior, using log by itself will only show you entries you haven't viewed yet
-report achievement command added which will show you your acquired achievements
-SESS Command for the server, If a Session exists in the database that Session ID can be used instead of logging in to issue commands. Mainly used for new web client

1.4.1 Fixes:

-Admin flag now works correctly on appropriate users through sessions
-Incoming messages now work correctly on sessions
-Attack delay now works properly with sessions
-Fixed critical issue with retaliation where the defender would be forced to 5% surrender max (instead of the correct 50%) and still lose their full surrenders amount of resources for example 90% instead of the max 50%.
-Corrected issue with website profiles where some clever <script></script>'ing could execute a command on a logged in player by removing <script> and onclick references from profile output
-Corrected issue with website where help syntax responses were not displaying correctly
-Fixed issue with missile to shuttle collisions where when the shuttle was destroyed the loop continued processing which was throwing an error
-Improved newplayer creation from website with a new form and explanation

Gameplay Changes:

-Formation command: Players can now set the order of which units attack in battle, this should increase the value of manufactured units late in the game
-Air strike changes: If you have multiple bombers they will each (upto a max of 5) launch a bombing run against the enemy. This should make bombing more valuable than just for bombing the shuttle factory.
-Increased Coffee, 40 hour work week, urban planning research time as they are end game items and were being achieved too early

-Fixed session issue where the in game source data would be terminated after 10min of inactivity instead of the proper 60
-Fixed issues with Sessions and death
-Fixed issue with e-mail communication causing game shut down
-Fixed issue with duplicating statistics tables from players using non web clients to return to the game
-Website improvements to better handle when the game server is not available

-Game configuration output to log with variable names on game init
-If an asteroid round is active game initialization checks for the asteroid and adds one if not present
-Added ai_count to Game options for the amount of NPC that should be in game
-Added a check to game initialization, if no AI are present add ai_count to game
-Added read item to session_log table. When you hit clear log on the Website it will only clear items you have seen to reduce the chance of missed information
-Added session log clean up to end game to curb session log build up over the last 3 months, cleans read logs of active users and all old logs of inactive
-Moved the game variable set up and initialization into dd_game_setup() so that it can be executed during start up or after endgame() to allow the game rounds to transition seamlessly with no administrative intervention required

Bug fixes:

-Fixed error with non formation attacking that could cause a division by 0 error
-Adjusted Asteroid will impact in X days message by 1 day to account for 0 days issue
-Fixed a newplayer error where the id value was blank

Gameplay changes:

-Airstrikes and spy/recon spies being caught will now add to the anti bully retaliation table if the player is significantly smaller
-Added colonist game variable to allow setting a minimum amount of farmers to become colonists to launch with the shuttle
-Added research item to give shuttle a 25% chance to miss a missile that is going to hit
-E-mail notification on endgame() to players who have notification set up

New in 1.5.0: 


Raid functionality - The raid is a MUD style dungeon where you must travel through an unseen map to get a reward at the goal, along the way you may encounter players, traps or monsters

Raid  - join or leave a raid
go    - travel in a raid
fight - fight players in the raid

Added player statistic recording for Structures bombed, civilians lost, raids won, raid pks achieved


-Added global airforce and raid statistics to "stats" page
-Added a last command button that appears after you have typed a command 
-Added a Game Config display on the DDAY website


-Fixed spelling error on asteroid time alert
-Fixed launch command so it doesn't default to firing at an asteroid
-fixed favour function to not cause error during HK


GamePlay changes:

-Raids now tell you available directions to travel
-Traps should now properly randomize
-Player Raid HP based on researched ground troops
-Raid PvP will show each players HP stats

-Raide location state should be saved and restored for all logoff/login procedures if the existing raid is still alive