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  • Over 18 military units to discover and use to crush the enemy
  • 19 structures to help build your nations economy
  • 22 topics to research to better your nations technology
  • 20 achievements to gain as you battle through the game
  • Optional E-mail notification for attack/defense alerts
  • 3 different game modes, First to 50AU,Beat the Asteroid and Restricted shuttle mode
  • Ingame mail system
  • Random events to either help or doom your efforts
  • In game market where you can buy and sell new units and commodities
  • Performance enhancing commodities that can improve, research, production and farmers
  • Self generating market items that generate based on existing production
  • Multiple clients to support many ways of playing Doomsday
  • Movepoint bank to bank unused points for later distribution
  • Hall of fame to ensure your legacy lives on after a hard fought victory
  • NPC players that build up their own nation and can win if left unchecked
  • Raid/Quests, where the players traverse a generated map to find a reward