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How to start

First create a player

On the log in page hit the newplayer button this will bring you to a new form to generate a new character. After creating a newplayer read all of this. If this doesn't help then in the game type help

Getting your nation rolling

First we need labs, I recommend 3 as that is how many you can build right now, but it is up to you. You can view what you can build in REPORT TECHNOLOGY but for now it will just be a lab.
build lab

Now we need some scientists 100 for each lab if you have multiple labs you can educate them all in one command.
educate 100

Now to pick a topic in REPORT RESEARCH, I highly suggest combat training as it can be done in one shot with 3 labs but in the end the choice is yours. Allocate a percentage of your research team to a topic:
allocate 100 combat training

Now you're set, go make some coffee or something until the next housekeeping or better yet make use of this manual and the help command for more info as the newb guide is over. Have fun!



A new player has the following:
Money : $15,000
Land : 1100 acres
Farmers : 1000
Scientists: 0
Favor : -50 (due to anarchy)

Basic Elements

The following basic elements exist in Doomsday:
Money - Self explanatory
Land - Land in doomsday is required to build structures.
Farmers - General population. Farmers breed every housekeeping and produce taxes.
Scientists - Scientists are educated farmers and their sole purpose is to research.
Structures - Once you have the correct prerequisite research to build a structure (you can see a listing with REPORT TECH)
Units - Units consist of anything not a structure, such as military units (jeeps, tanks), troops (soldiers, marines), and other non-military units such as luxuries. Units are produced by a special type of structure called a factory.

Movement Points (MP)

Movement points (also known as MP) are required for certain commands in Doomsday. You can see how many MP a specific command requires by typing
Movement points are allocated every housekeeping.

Housekeeping (HK)

The dust settles for a brief moment...
Taxes collected and wages paid, a month has passed. Go on great nations and continue to conquer.
Housekeeping is an event in Doomsday that occurs every 2 hours and represents a passing of one month. The following occurs IN ORDER at housekeeping:

  • Farmers are taxed
  • Farmers reproduce
  • Scientists Research
  • Factories Produce
  • Troops paid
  • Movement Points Allocated


A players current favor can be viewed in REPORT GENERAL. Favor affects everything, most of all production, research and taxes. The following has a positive or negative affect on favor:


  • Tax less than 7%
  • Hiring of farmers
  • Educating farmers
  • Defending against an attack
  • Succeeding in an attack
  • ATTACKing a nation significantly larger in land mass (see ADVISE)
  • Tax higher than 7%
  • Firing workers/scientists
  • Losing a war
  • ATTACKing a nation with significantly less land (see ADVISE)


The total population cannot exceed your total land otherwise farmers will begin to die from over crowding. You can check the total population in REPORT GENERAL.



Reports are the most common way to gain full information on your nation from a variety of report types.
REPORT GENERAL - General report
REPORT INDUSTRY - Factory/Worker report
REPORT RESEARCH - Research tree/allocation report
REPORT LAND - Structure/building report
REPORT SPACE - Space unit report
REPORT TECH - Technology report
REPORT UNITS - Military/unit report
REPORT MARKET - Items and Units that are for sale
TIP: these can all be simplified into r g, r i, r r, r l, r s, r t, r u and r m


Once research is complete on a specific topic, it may be possible to build a structure.
View REPORT TECH for a list of structures available to you from research. Structure are shown on the bottom portion of the technology report, whereas units are shown at the top of the report.

|       Technology             |
| Name| Stats/Size | Cost/Wage |
| Lab | 100 acres  | $5000     |

The name of the structure on the left most side is the exact name given to the build command. You must have available land for your structure (see REPORT GENERAL) and enough money to cover the cost of the construction.

Once build structures will appear in your land report (REPORT LAND). You can bulldoze structures at anytime, but will only receive half the cost of the structure back in raw materials. Example:


Every factory you build needs workers to construct whatever product that factory makes. There is 1 worker for every acre of land a factory occupies to hire workers use: HIRE example: hire 500 jeep factory


Research is the cornerstone of Doomsday. Researching structures and units will eventually gain you enough land and scientists to research the space shuttle required to win the game. Research requires three elements:

  • Scientists
  • Labs
  • Allocation


The amount of scientists on your nation's research team directly reflect the amount of research done every housekeeping. The educate command can be used to educate farmers into scientists. Example:

This command would educate 100 farmers into scientists. Once educated, scientists do not reproduce as farmers do, and do not produce taxes.


Before scientists can be educated, you must build a lab. See REPORT TECH for a listing of the labs you can build.
Once a lab is built, the capacity of the lab is one scientist for every acre. You can only educate as many scientists as your labs can hold.

Once a lab is built, and scientists are educated, you are able to ALLOCATE your science team's power to research a specific topic.
You can only allocate up to 100% of your science team at any one time.
Example. If you wanted to allocate half of your science team to research TOPIC1 and allocate the other have to research TOPIC2. You would issue the following commands:

Will give a list of every research topic available to you, your level of allocation, and your level of knowledge on that topic. Once you reach 100% on a certain topic, any topics of knowledge below that topic will automatically branch out.




The explore command will send out explorers to seek out new land for you without having to risk any of your military but with only a chance of actually finding land.



The list command will list the 10 players nearest to your nations standing this command is useful in seeing who is established and who is in range of attack. Use the advise command on players to make sure you will not lose favour for attacking a smaller nation.


advise player

The advise command will tell you if a player is within your political grasp, if it is not you will lose favour for attacking them.



Establishing changes your government to dictatorship and alters your favour from -50 to whatever it is supposed to be now depending on the things you accomplished. You cannot attack or launch without establishing and your favour will stay -50 while unestablished. Once you have established you cannot go back

Build an army

Once you have researched at least combat training you can train soldiers. Soldiers or other trained units are brought up from your farmer pool into your military. They usually have a monthly salary you must pay to support them.

train 10 soldier

Other stronger units can be constructed by building factories and hiring workers. These units are usually significantly stronger but take longer to build up a force.


attack player

Attacking a player is an attempt to sieze some of their rescources for your own nations benefits. Your military will fight until your surrender is reached or your oppenents surrender if a battle is carrying on too long with no hope of a victor both nations withdraw from the conflict. If you win you get the following off your target: land, farmers, scientists and money. How much you get depends on their surrender level. Victories over nations in your political grasp gain you favour, victories over lesser nations causes your favour to drop dramatically.

In a ground force attack, Dictator shabbs of NoCountry has declared war on Dictator Pumpernickle of  PumpernickleLand.
The forces of Dictator Pumpernickle hold their defense.
The war has ended.


surrender %

The surrender I feel is the most important thing in waging your campaign. Why? because whatever your surrender % is is how much units, land, farmers and scientists you may lose in combat. If you dare to set your surrender to 100 and you are attacked and you lose, you will have next to NOTHING left. A surrender of 35% gives adequate defense against most enemies, some prefer 10% but I see this as just asking to be picked away at by almost everyone. In the end, the choice is up to you. Surrender can only be changed once every housekeeping (HK)

Space, the final frontier

How to get there

To begin your quest to either get into space or keep someone out of space you must first research the Astrophysics topic.

allocate 100 astrophysics

Don't try and enter into this realm unless you have plenty of scientists because the sub topics are quite costly

Starwars Missiles

Starwars missiles are your last line of defense in keeping someone else from winning the game. Their purpose: to home in on the enemy shuttle and blast it out of the sky! It is a good idea to research the starwars missiles BEFORE the shuttle because it is less costly and it can keep the game alive longer so you can try to win it yourself. To get them: You need astrophysics first!

allocate 100 starwars missile

To build them:
build starwars missile factory
hire 2500 starwars missile factory

To use them:
Check the space report with REPORT SPACE

| ID | Owner       | Unit    | Target | Stats   | Range       |
| 38 | CrazySpence | Shuttle |        | (0,900) | 1.74 AU (3%)|

launch a missile at the TARGET ID with:

launch 38 starwars missile

Then wait and hope for the best! Note: you only have a slight chance of killing the shuttle try launching several missiles at once.

Shuttles, the road to victory

The shuttle is the final haul to victory and it is one difficult haul. For you to win you must survive everything on earth while researching the shuttle then survive long enough to build a shuttle and finally hope your shuttle survives the day trip out of Sol without being blasted out of the sky to win!
To get it: You must have astrophysics first!

allocate 100 shuttle

This will take a long time to research, I suggest you have a very large research team.
To build it:

build shuttle factory
hire 15000 shuttle factory

Yes, 15000 workers for a fraction of production per hk, have fun!
To use it:

launch shuttle

This is the fun part where everyone else fires off missiles at you trying to destroy your hard work so it's all up to the shuttle now to make it to the 50AU victory point, good luck.

In an immense explosion, Dictator DowaDiddy's Starwars Missile (1112) collides with
Dictator Pumpernickle's Shuttle (1104). Little more than scattered pieces of the Shuttle remain.