Nickname CrazySpence
First name Phil
Country Philtopia
Home page
Comments Hello, I run and progress the Doomsday game. I try very hard to win every round but for the most part victory seems to elude me.

*shakes fist*

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Chieftan 500 kills on the battle field
NPC Thrashing Lose to an Non player character
Master Chieftan 1000 kills on the battle field
Count the dead Lose 1000 troops in battle
Township Have 5000 farmers sustainable by your nation
Blood bath Lose 5000 troops in battle
City Have 10000 farmers sustainable by your nation
Warlord 5000 kills on the battlefield
Blue skies Launch a shuttle
Money bags Have a million dollars
Thriving nation Have 20000 farmers sustainable by your nation
Great shot Shoot down a shuttle
The great escape Win a round of Doomsday
Sharp shooter Shoot down 5 shuttles
First world nation Have a nation with 30k land and farmers and 2 million dollars
The sky is falling Launch 10 shuttles
He's dead Jim Be killed
Level 1 Explorer Complete a raid
Collateral damage Kill 1000 farmers with an air strike
Drop the bombs! Destroy 1 enemy structure with air strike
Immortal Win 5 rounds of Doomsday