Nickname: Pepe
They're here to stay!: Change your password which is surely a sign you are here to stay
Level 1 Explorer: Complete a raid
Township: Have 5000 farmers sustainable by your nation
NPC Thrashing: Lose to an Non player character
Money bags: Have a million dollars
Tomb Raider: Complete 5 raids in a single game
City: Have 10000 farmers sustainable by your nation
Chieftan: 500 kills on the battle field
Master Chieftan: 1000 kills on the battle field
Count the dead: Lose 1000 troops in battle
Blue skies: Launch a shuttle
Thriving nation: Have 20000 farmers sustainable by your nation
First world nation: Have a nation with 30k land and farmers and 2 million dollars
Blood bath: Lose 5000 troops in battle
Warlord: 5000 kills on the battlefield
Collateral damage : Kill 1000 farmers with an air strike
Drop the bombs!: Destroy 1 enemy structure with air strike
Blitzkrieg: Kill 10000 farmers and 5 structures with air strike
DFA!: Destroy 15 structures with air strike
The sky is falling: Launch 10 shuttles
Great shot: Shoot down a shuttle
The great escape: Win a round of Doomsday