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From the game

Syntax: ATTACK <player>
   MP: 25
   Attack begins a groundforce attack with the
given player.
   Attack is the main medium for wars in
doomsday. The only way to fully attack, takeover
and eventually eliminate other players in
doomsday is through attack.
   Ground wars (attacks) in doomsday constist of
alternating rounds of single unit versus unit
   In the first round, the attacker's unit is the
attacking unit, and the defender's unit is the
defending unit. If the attacking unit fails
against the defending unit, neither unit is lost,
and the next round begins. In the next round it
alternates so that the attacker's unit is
defending, and the defender's unit is attacking.
   If either players reach their surrender %, the
war is over. If the attacking unit was the
winner, he is awarded up to the defender's
surrender % in land, farmers and scientists. The
defender does not gain anything if the attacker
reaches their surrender %.
   In the case that neither players reach their
surrender % in a given amount of rounds (relative
to their military size), the game is considered a
stalemate and the defender receives a favor bonus
for defending his/her nation. 

Additional information

Attacking is fun, this is why you are here. Develop strategies and secret alliances then once you are powerful stab those alliances in the back to win!