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From the game

 Syntax: BOMB <player> <target_id>
   MP: 25
   This will launch your air units against the
given player. The end result will be one of the
following if you win: A building will be
destroyed, Farmers will be killed or you will not
be able to bomb due to weather.
   The <target_id> is an optional field and can
only be used in certain circumstances but it
allows you to specify a building in a nation to

Additional information

You can really ruin someones day with bombing if done correctly. If you bomb blindly you get a chance to hit the player's farmer population itself, or if you combine this with the Recon Spy you can specifically target particular buildings. Currently your bombers can strike up to 5 times in an attack if you have up to 5 bombers to attack with. That is 5 potentially destroyed targets.