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Syntax: REPORT [type]
MP: 0

Report is the main command used to retrieve detailed information about your country. The following report types are possible:

  • REPORT ACHIEVEMENT - View Achievements
  • REPORT GENERAL - General report
  • REPORT INDUSTRY - Factory/Worker report
  • REPORT LAND - Structure/building report
  • REPORT MARKET - Market Report
  • REPORT RESEARCH - Research tree/allocation report
  • REPORT SPACE - Report on space units
  • REPORT TECH - Technology report
  • REPORT UNITS - Military/unit report
  • REPORT WINNERS - Show previous game winners

In game type REPORT to see this list of possible reports.

REPORTS and can be shortened by typing just "r [first letter of report type]". For example to see the report on research, you can type "r r" instead of "REPORT RESEARCH".